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Forums - Gaming Discussion - In your opinion which gaminig fanbase is the worst/most toxic?

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I've recently seen how sonic fans react to new sonic games whether good or bad they are never enough. No matter what sega tries the fan base rips it to shreds. I honestly believe that Sonic's fanbase is the most toxic fanbase in gaming history. Which fanbase do you believe is the worst/ mose toxic?

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Yep, this will end well.

dis gon b gud

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This thread won't end well.

oshit *grabs popcorn*

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The ones who accept no matter what their company of preference throws their way, even if it benefits them in no way what so ever. Meaning the ones who see something that is bad for the consumer, but defend it since it is good for their company of choice, a.k.a those who put their company of choice before themselves.

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Yep, singling out a fanbase and attacking them as being toxic usually goes off without a hitch indeed. :D

Final Fantasy and Zelda are 2 of the worst imo... guess it doesnt help that Ive spent a lot of time around them.
Sonic fanbase are rather nice considering the shit games they have had to put up with since 91.

In fairness to the FF fanbase its usually not FF fans but specific FF Game fans attacking the other games. Zelda fans just cant seem to make up their mind on anything =P

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