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Forums - Gaming Discussion - In your opinion which gaminig fanbase is the worst/most toxic?

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something tells me that I just opened pandora's box...

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Thread is pretty much designed to incite a flame war between different fanbases. Locking.

This isn't going to end well. I'll just say that "fanboys" or whatever you want to call them are all bad, regardless of their "loyalty."

BraLoD said:
Yep, this will end well.

EXACTLY, there is no way this can end well...

this is basically lets generalize COMPLETE fanbases on the acts of some fanboys and lets say the whole fanbase is  the worst and the most toxic...

I say the Sony fanbase based on VGC only. And the reason is that I can name at least 3 users in this site whoes soul purpose in life seems to be +Sony, -Nintendo (with a little bit of Microsoft). When Nintendo does something great, they either try to downplay it or they are no where to be found but when Nintendo does something bad, they seem to be everywhere. And whats even more funny is that in certain Nintendo related threads where Nintendo fans joke about some Sony things and bam, there they are defending Sony without realizing that a) its a joke and b) they did not contribute to the thread in any other form

And secondly, many users really try to downplay PC games every chance they can. Yes, I understand that the whole "PC Master Race" thing is terrible on other websites such as reddit but heres the thing... VGC isn't reddit so making fun of PC gaming or downplaying PC gaming based on other websites are pretty nonsense cause a) Most PC gamers in VGC love console gaming and b) The people that they are trying to "fight?" (for a lack of a better word) aren't even in this site (with maybe the exception of one user)

Of course, with that being said, I am not saying that every Sony fan is like that cause I do have plenty of friends that are Sony fans that are such a pleasure to be friends with but from my experience with this site, I feel as though that they are the worst out of the 3.

Edit, great! No one is going to read this shit


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