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What would you rate the Direct?

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Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 14th January

Posted Thu 15th Jan 2015 07:00 by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo went big with New Nintendo 3DS and much more

With 2015 still only just picking up steam, the first Nintendo Direct broadcasts of the year ensured that the big N kicked off a vital 12 months with some style. It delivered some of its longer broadcasts in recent memory, with notable variations between regions, and as a whole kept momentum strong with a hefty list of reveals, announcements and details.

As was our gut instinct at the time, reinforced in the lists below, it was the 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS that enjoyed the lion's share of airtime. That's unsurprising in light of the fact that the New hardware lands on 13th February in the West, bringing a tough wait to an end. There was controversy with Nintendo of America only confirming the XL variation - no smaller devices will come to the region at launch - while scrabbling over the Majora's Mask 3D system is already prompting sold out pre-orders in the US. Carnage will ensue in that region, in particular.

Beyond the raging debate around the New Nintendo 3DS models in North America, meanwhile, there were plenty of other reveals to enjoy. There are two free-to-play projects on the way, actual cross-buy between Wii U and 3DS with an upcoming release and much, much more. So much, in fact, that this tradition of compiling all necessary news into one list of links has never been so necessary since the big N's E3 Digital Event last year; you'll also find the broadcasts themselves at the end.

Without further ado, let's get to it.

New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS

Wii U

Wii U and 3DS


What would you rate the Direct and what was your favorite/least favorite parts?

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They announce a new fire Emblem for 3ds but they never mention what happening with Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem on WiiU???

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

Monster Hunter 4 Release Date, Splatoon release date and MM release date were the only things I really cared about.

id give it a 6-7 ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

He looks SO evil.

The MonHun NEW 3DS has a fur finish.

I rate it a 8.25

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yvanjean said:
They announce a new fire Emblem for 3ds but they never mention what happening with Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem on WiiU???

Now that we know that the next mainline Fire Emblem will be on 3DS, i'm almost certain that FExSMT is not cancelled (i think, those rumours were fake like most Nintendo-rumours). I mean, gamecube had a FE, Wii had one and Wii U will get one in the form of this Spinn-Off/Crossover. They will show it as soon as it is ready to be shown, we just have to wait

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@yvanjean well they were supposed to be talking about games for early this year, even though they did talk about stuff like Xenoblade Chronicles X

That Pokemon game should be on iOS and Android. Seriously as much as you all dont want them making shit on mobile it would make them a shit load of money. Instead they bring you a shitty F2P mobile game for 3DS that will likely make shit all.
Also Anime Channel... why not Crunchyroll??
The Amiibo shit was shit because its amiibo.
The rest was awesome, well aside from a few meh games in between but nothing terrible.

Notice how Mario Maker which was suppose to release early 2015 was a no show. I'll probably get Mario Galaxy 2, but if you only have a WiiU this direct was a major let down.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

best direct in a long time if you ask me!