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I don't really have any other mains, but I have fun with Marth, Sonic, and Ganondorf

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Charizard, Robin, Villager, Duck Hunt, Mii brawler and Pac Man. Some characters I really want to like but can't quite seem to get enough KOs like Megaman, Greninja, Wii Fit Trainer and I love Little Mac too but can't stand his horrible recovery.

I guess I need to check out more of the returning characters for changes too but I'm easily distracted by the high quality newer ones.

Samus so far and have just started with Zero Suit Samus.

Link and Captain Falcon

Robin is my main ( I really wish you could import your avatar from Fire Emblem). The others I use the most frequently are: Lucina, Falco, ZS Samus, and Samus

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Lucina, that Counter =D

Dunk hunt Duo! Anybody want to play?

I mostly use little mac (I forbid myself from using the KO punch) captain falcon and robin. though every once in a while i'll play greninja and bowser.

I play mostly casually not having a "Main" yet, but I would say I like to play with Luigi the most (I know he sucks) because I like him as a character and his move set is funny to see ( I have that little brother syndrome too). Other favorites I use is "Old Reliable" Link (my main in ALL the Smash games) Ike, Dr. Mario, and Mega Man (can't be the Blue Bomber without MM)!

Kirby and Mega Man.