Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U sales ahead of Dreamcast, Saturn is next but what about Vita and GameCube?

VG Charts now has Wii U sales at 8.22 million units and rising.

Dreamcast sold 8.2 million during its lifespan with Sega also selling 8.82 Sega Saturns the generation before, making it a foregone conclusion that

the WiiU will also surpass it. My question is whether these are the last consoles that it will ever beat?

To pass GameCube over 21 million sales are needed and Vita is currently nudging closer to the 10 million mark over this Christamas Period.

Will WiiU outsell NGC, Vita, or neither. If so what about consoles such as the original XBOX?

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Probably has outsold Saturn by now, It will outsell Vita, but will come close to XB and GC but not outsell them. Prediction is in sig

Don't trust VGC numbers for old consoles. The Dreamcast should be at 10M, idk about the Saturn.

Odd, VGC is the only source I know which has the Dreamcast at 8.2, I've also seen 9 million and 10.6 on the internet too. I also thought that Saturn was at 9.5.

Trust not VGChartz on anything other than Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft numbers. Dreamcast shipped a little over 10 million.

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Dreamcast could have sold over 9 million units, to be fair.

The dreamcast and saturn both sold 10 million units

Yeah but nintendo must be getting close to 10 million shipped by now aswell

That numbers are wrong :S
Both consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast) surpass 10 million. I remember seeing in an old Sega blog that Saturn was at almost 12 million.

It'll pass the Vita, but I'm unsure now if it'll pass the Gamecube. Before the holiday season I would have said it would in a heartbeat, but now it's much harder to tell.