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kingdemise said:
Aeolus451 said:
Euphoria14 said:
My vote is on No Man's Sky, just because it gets so much praise while we know very little about it.

Shocked at the people saying The Order though. Never thought overhyped games would see articles telling you not to preorder it and almost a years worth of negative articles for the most part.

I think The Order is one of those games that is currently being singled out by the media and put in a very bad light. It is very far from overhyped, which would need to involve not just forums goers but the mass media as well, ala TitanFall and Destiny. The Order does not have the media on it's side. The media almost seems dead set against it.

There's enough info about No Man's Sky to get an idea of what to expect.

I find it very difficult to picture what the game is about actually. Apart from "visiting" and "wandering". As far I know and correct me if I wrong, no combat has been shown so far and it is said to be core of the gameplay...

Sounds like my kinda game. Too many combat games as it is. Need more adventure games.

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You don't clarify how you mean it!
Hype and finally deserving the hype or hype and eventually not deserving the hype?

idk what your definition of over rated is?
Halo 4 got 9's across the board and people called it overhyped.

Halo 5 will probably do the same, but the beta is pretty damn fun.

No Man's Sky for PS4, just going to be a snoozefest and Splatoon for Nintendo, too many people on this site hype that game up for no good reason.

For MS, idk. Halo 5 and Quantum Break are going to score well and be loved by many so I can't see them being overhyped.

DarkRPGamer007 said:
Anything on PS4

Sony related games are overhyped by preset. Their worshippers appear prone to mix up the concepts of quality, quantity, sales, success, and having a strong third party suit. Sony are surely business effective, for being macro-scaled - but they do not deliver too many timeless games; that has never been its true strength. The only real exception across a span of 2 generations seems to have been The Last of Us.

When you look back at these coveted crafts of today in, let's say... 20 years time- you will likely see what I mean.

Betting on Evolve. Hopefully No Man's Sky does not disappoint, but I'm still skeptical about it.

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Evolve or Splatoon.

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uncharted, by miles

I think No Man's Sky will disappoint.
It's such a great project, but unless they really show more footage at E3 of what you can actually do on these planets, it seems to have shallow gameplay.

Samus Aran said:
bubblegamer said:
A WiiU exclusive.

What a surprising answer coming from you. ;)

Anyway, I'm going with No Man's Sky. 

What do you mean? And what's with the discriminating attitude? Didn't see you be "surprised" by darkrpggamers comment.

The Fanboys are strong in here.