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I'm selling out.

Good riddance. 4 5.33%
Never come back. 3 4.00%
What's a Vita? 11 14.67%
Don't do it! 24 32.00%
Probably for the best. 19 25.33%
I'm interested in that modded xbox. 6 8.00%
That's 2 minutes I'll never get back. 8 10.67%

Definitely something we all do, we awake one day to realize that gaming "achievements" aren't the same as real life achievements. Gaming is something done to pass time for me, like when my wife is asleep and I cant, or have woken up to deal with the baby on a weekend morning.

Quitting gaming outright is very difficult, and someday you might find a balance like me, where you can play a game casually without it being a "casual" game.

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And this is why being an adult sucks

Do you really need the money or is it just to get the temptation out of your reach? If it's the second option, can't you ask one of your parents to old it for you, for the needed time? Selling all will be a bad business move if you intend to buy it all back later on... Just my two cents.

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