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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Street Fighter vs Tomb Raider: which has more impact?

Simple question. 

lets just say that each exclusive will not ever be released on the other platform, respectively; which will have a bigger impact both in short term and long term sales???

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Street Fighter V. Look at previous sales for the games. Also SV5 is on PC and Tomb Raider will also be on 360 so that will affect sales as well.

Street Fighter. Non fighting game fans just don't get it but Street Fighter is what Gran Turismo is to racing, or what Mario is to platforming. It's "the big one".

Street Fighter. 9 Million sales between all versions. VS 4 Million for TR.

Tomb Raider all the way, just look at the reactions

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SF5. It is a much mire popular franchise, and sells lots more than TR.
It is also a much bigger system seller, as I doubt many people will choose to buy XOne just for TR.

For me personally it's tomb raider, I don't give a fuck about any fighting game other than smash and mortal kombat.

both but for different reasons for each company.

Can't help but feel like we've had this thread before, tho.....

Luckily for me, I'll be playing them both on day one!! I prefer Xbox One and Tomb Raider is probably better known in the real world (Angelina Jolie movies and all) but I think that SFV will have the bigger impact. I hope they don't leave out anybody's favorite fighter.

iTzCharlie said:

Tomb Raider all the way, just look at the reactions

Reactions from a much much bigger fanbase?

It's like when people say, "forums suck, they are overrun with playstation fans", or "playstation fans talk on forums, xbox fans play video games".
That's because there are many more playstation fans than xbox fans.

but meh, I don't think any playstation owners will be buying an xb1 just for a game that will come out a year later on ps4.
However, there has been a steady migration of x360 owners moving to ps4, and sf5 should keep that going.