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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Sales for Smash Bros. Wii U

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The game released in the U$A on the 21st and releases in €urope on the 28th followed by ¥apan on the 6th, so... Let's predict!!!!

I say:

94 Metascore (Damn, just barely), 1,185,229 units FW USA

What say you?

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95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!However,i m a little bit scared:P... ;)

tak13 said:
95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!However,i m a little bit scared:P... ;)

aaahhhhh you also asked for first week sales!!!!!!Double the numbers of Mario kart 8:900k-950k

91,  850k

I'll be cautious: 90 meta, 700 fw

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94 Metacritic, 600k FW in America

Yeah I thought this thread was made too; by tbone maybe? Can't see the thread though.

91 Metacritic, 800k FW in US


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

93 Metacritic, 1,050,000 units FW in US

88 Metacritic 950k

92 FW units in US, 600k Metacritic score :P