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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does anyone miss the DS Zelda games?

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Did you enjoy the DS Zelda games?

Yes I enjoyed both of them 22 35.48%
I only enjoyed one of them 13 20.97%
No, I disliked both 17 27.42%
Never bought/played them 5 8.06%
See Results 5 8.06%

I know these games weren't well liked by most Zelda fans, but I thought they were fun and innovative takes on 2D Zelda. I actually enjoy the touch screen controls and thought the graphics weren't too bad. Plus the boss battles were really unique - especially when they took advantage of the second screen. These games had really great characters as well like Linebeck from PH and Zelda from Spirit Tracks.

Did anyone enjoy these game?

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I agree. Phantom Hourglass was pretty fun. I spent hours getting ship parts.

I enjoyed them, but I definitely don't "miss" them. Phantom Hourglass was pretty good but it completely ruined its chances of being a great game when it forced you to go back to that stupid dungeon. Spirit Tracks was a very big improvement, though.

I liked the touch controls and the dungeons and bosses were definitely fantastic in both games, as well as the way in which you used each item you got.

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They were cool in their own merit, but not something I would do again.

I've only played Phantom Hourglass and never finished it. Didn't care for it and I thought it was a forgettable experience. Definitely prefer console Zelda games.

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I quite enjoyed Spirit Tracks. Phantom Hourglass was just ok. A Link Between Worlds is better than both of them, so no. I don't want anymore stylus controlled Zelda games.

The touch controls didn't bother me. It added new mechanics and more than justified its presence in those games.

That said I didn't get into phantom hourglass. Maybe I'd like it more if I revisited it. Perhaps I will if it appears on vc.

Spirit Tracks is my probably favourite handheld Zelda with A Link Between Worlds coming in a close second.

I'd rather play the Game Boy Zelda games more than the DS Zelda games. I played Phantom Hourglass and I didn't care about it. I played Spirit Tracks and I didn't like it. I really liked A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS. The best handheld Zelda games for me are Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

I liked Phantom Hourglass, but couldn't finish Spirit Tracks.  The whole train thing didn't click with me.

Controlling the game with the stylus and giving your DS a BJ everytime you needed to play a song... Fuck that shit


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