Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What ps3/360 game would push the wii to it's limits?

to answer OP How about Super Stardust HD?

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Have any of you seen Resident Evil 4 for the Wii? That game is completely beautiful. I think the Wii could handle close to Bioshock graphics.

I will say perfect dark zero could run on wii, hotshot golf 5.

polishforlife said:
I will say perfect dark zero could run on wii, hotshot golf 5.

Yeah, Hot Shots Golf 5 is a very good candidate.

Yes, because of it's art where they could hide lack of polygons like no more heroes. Lower resolution to 480p and that's it. I could say it could be superior version thanks to wiimote.

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CrazzyMan said:
you asserted there were no games on the PS3 or Xbox 360 which the Wii can run with the same graphics.

1.Well, did i really needed to mention, GOOD looking game?

Edit-most of the multiplatform Wii games are ports from the PS2. Particularly Call of Duty 3-so why are you comparing with that?

1) 2.Then WHY not to port from ps3/x360 at 480p and 30fps??? =)))
2) Then with WHAT to compare?
Or it`s just "I think, that x360/ps3 game could be done on Wii" ???

1. Since when does good looking games depend on high resolutions and texture? As I can tell you, a lot of people will say Okami looks more beautiful than some of the PS3/360s offerings.

2. Because most of the Wii games were cash-ins? Which do you think costs more? making a direct port from the PS2 or actually taking the time to properly make a Wii version. Now seeing that not many publishers ever bother making proper Wii versions, how do you know Wii games won't look good?