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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who would win a fight? The Super Smash Bros or the PlayStation All-Stars?

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Conegamer said:
Why do people keep talking about Kratos? Are they forgetting that a good number of Smash Bros. characters are infact immortal?

Well, a lot of the details for many nintendo characters are not "in your face" whereas Kratos is a badass-in-your-face-Im-killing-gods type character. Take the Samus factoids about the fact that she hits with the force of 60 Tonnes. You wouldn't know that unless you did out the math for Zebes gravity-well. She must be fighting gods in her games with how much damage they can take... :P

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SSB cause ZSS is too hawt


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Vena , just wow!

Personally I think Sony/Nin should do a cross over of the two games....that would be AWESOME imo.......but will never happen.

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BraLoD said:

Kratos did kill supposed immortal beings all by himseft, and all of them that existed and sustained his world.

Dart killed a god as well.

A lot of NIS characters have the power to destroy worlds and even galaxies too.

But Kratos is enough

I mean, Kirby is literally unkillable as is Super Sonic. Obviously Super Sonic requires the Chaos Emeralds, so let's rule him out.

... So how does Kratos kill Kirby? The only way Kirby's species can be stopped, by in-game lore, is for them to be imprisoned outside of the regular laws of their universe (see: Galacta Knight, who is obviously future Kirby). Better question, what power does Kirby get when he inevitably eats Kratos?

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Hmm... That depends...

Could someone remind me which side has Captain Falcon on their team?

NobleTeam360 said:
PS All stars, they have Kratos no one Nintendo has can top him.

Kirby can match him. 

Get real. Kirby can win against both rosters alone.

Super_Boom said:
NobleTeam360 said:
PS All stars, they have Kratos no one Nintendo has can top him.

Ike kills a god in Radiant Dawn. He also has nakama power. Nothing can defeat the power of epic speeches about nakama!

Also Mario is a cartoon so he is immune to death. See Daffy Duck.

He kills a goddess*

Smash by sheer numbers. There really isn't anything Kratos, or anyone else, can do about Super Sonic. If we let Pit use the Great Sacred Treasure, he'd simply be way too fast for Kratos or Zeus. After the two gods are done, Samus' technology (including the invincible screw attack) wipes out everyone else. I'm not really sure Kratos could take out Samus either way.

That's before we get into Ganondorf who is basically unbeatable without certain methods that won't be available to the All Stars, Rosalina's ill defined cosmic powers, and so on, it's a pretty clear victory for Nintendo.


Anyone who's played Xenoblade...

*spoilers spoilers spoilers*

Knows that Shulk is basically a god by the end of the game and can literally recreate the damn universe with the Monado. So... there's that too.