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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon X Monster Hunter?


Would you play Pokemon Hunter

Yes 20 23.26%
No 10 11.63%
That's a terrible idea a... 30 34.88%

Am I the only one that would think it would be an amazing idea for a Pokemon/Monster Hunter Crossover (Pokemon Hunter?). Personally I think it would be really fun to kill/capture your favorite pokemon and make new weapons and armor out of them. And maybe for some Pokemon (like starters and humanoid ones), you could have them fight alongside you and maybe give them some armor. 



Anyone else?

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humm... no

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Wait... You want to kill pokemon and make new weapons and armor out of them?


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It would break the japanese game market.

That's brutal.

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Pokemon are weapons. You don't need to make weapons out of them.

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So essentially you're suggesting a Team Rocket game.

Japan as a country would implode. The effects would be worse than the atom bombs dropped on them by the US.

Clyde32 said:
It would break the japanese game market economy.

I always wanted to see a Silver Rathalos vs. Mega Charizard fight.