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Forums - Sales Discussion - 10 Million Wii U min LTD before 2015 if Wii U continues to be up 69% YOY from its 2013 sales!


Hoorary for 10,000,000!

Hooray! 58 64.44%
No Hoorays. You're math is wrong! 17 18.89%
See results 10 11.11%
Kappa 5 5.56%
Soundwave said:
WhiteEaglePL said:
reggin_bolas said:
Doesn't matter because it looks like 2014 will be Wii U's peak year. Expect it to sell less in 2015 which will land it around 16-17 mil by the end of 2016 when the next system is launched.

I actually very very strongly believe 2015 will be the peak.


Unless delays, the momentum will go throughout the year. That's just 1 simple factor.

The Wii U hasn't proven itself of holding any momentum. 

It's had basically two "good" periods of sales its entire life cycle -- right at launch and right at MK8's launch and both times, sales have dropped back to a mediocre baseline within a month or two. 

If MK8 can't even net you consecutive 100k+ (still mediocre, but at least it's above 100k) months in the US or a real huge hardware bump in Japan then I think the 2015 lineup is going to be largely ineffective. Unless Splatoon breaks out and becomes like some new type of Minecraft/Pokemon type blockbuster IP. 

sweet denial.

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Welfare said:
VGC is wrong with the Wii U numbers. Over by at least 110k in the US as of August 30 (so about 7,020,000 WW), then you have to factor in the clear possibility that Europe/ROTW is over tracked. The least amount it could be over tracked is 100k (a very optimistic number), so about 6,920,000 as of August 30. Then you have to factor in that the YOY increase would start to decrease, as few titles are spaced out and released, and it's already starting to drop in sales.

9,000,000 is going to be the max LTD in 2014.

GOLD fail.

I'd be really happy if it did.


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