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Forums - Sales Discussion - Xbox One Suffers Worst Launch Sales In Recent History For A Home Console In Japan

Goatseye said:
binary solo said:
Goatseye said:
Let Japan crumble under it's stubbornness to vary their taste or support Western games.
I mean how can a whole nation have a common taste for the same genre? Nintendo platformers, JRPGs and dating sims.

Resident Evil, GTA V, Gran Turismo, Hot shots golf, Yakuza, Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, CoD, PES. All with an attach rate on PS3 of over 5%. Globally, in the globe a 5% PS3 attach rate is a game that sells over 4 million. So proportionally all those games have done well in Japan, and none of them fit in your condescending list.

Sure my condescending list. Congratulations on finding 2 Western games (GTA and COD) that are kind of exception to the rule.

Max COD has reached salewise in Japan is 0.55 mil, if that is successful to you, ok then.

Nice shift of the goalposts there.

That's 9 games which do not fit in your " Nintendo platformers, JRPGs and dating sims" list. And isn't a >5% attach rate, for a genre that is not particularly popular in Japan, successful? Tell me why selling the equivalent of 4.5 million globally isn't successful? Based on attach rate, CoD's 0.55 million is more succesful on PS3 in Japan than these games on PS3 globally: AC: revelations, Batman AA, GT5P, GT6, Every Madden game, Fifa 9 and 10, Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Every Battlefield except BF3 and several hundred other games. So yes, 0.55 million in Japan is successful by any reasonable measure.

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sully1311 said:
Why do we need another thread on this:

We don't. Locking.

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