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Mines the final one from Knack.



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Knacks final boss was fun, even on the hardest difficulty!

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Monsoon from MGSR. That guy man, what a bitch


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All of them. I hate boss fights, extra long missions like at the end of every GTA are far better i think

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The final boss in Zelda: Spirit Tracks

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Yu Yevon. Stupidest, most anti-climactic shit ever.

And what's his dick from Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Infuriatingly broken, gimmicky garbage.

Ugh hated that final boss too. Utter pain in the ass.

OT: I'm not remembering well right now, there have been plenty, but nothing comes to mind.

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Each and every "boss battle" from 007 Legends.

Final boss in God of War.

Any battle you are forced to lose...that battle in Ni No Kuni is one of the big reasons why I stopped playing the game (coupled by the fact that it just wasn't very good). After repeating the battle numerous times and grinding for over an hour I finally found out that it was a forced loss scenario....

All of the "bosses" in Mass Effect 1 have been pretty garbage too, but thats mostly because the combat in general is terrible.