Forums - General Discussion - Dang ... did I get downgraded?

A few weeks ago, I was VGCHARTZ obsessive ... now, I'm a VG Chartz member ... whassup with that?

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New system, it has been in place for over a week i believe.

ioi's trying to tell you something...

I think VGchartz just Dave Chapelle'd your Godzilla.

I'm a mod, come to me if there's mod'n to do. 

Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

Ha ha ha ... Twestern and Stof, you are too funny.

@ Auron - thanks.

Good night, fellas ...

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There has been a new system for a couple weeks.. It sucks that I would be a VGChartz pro now if not for the new system :(


ioi revised the system....I wish he just added more levels in between instead of this.....

What? I'm a "Newbie?" I know I don't post a lot, but now I'm a newbie again?


My End of 2008 Hardware Predictions (console only):

Wii : 50 million

360: 28 million

PS3: 24 million

These predictions were made on January 3rd and won't be revised


i'm a newbie again too

If the great ioi feels i am a newbie than thats how it shall be

*bows down to mini ioi statue*

yeah, I noticed it a few weeks ago, I was an obseesive but now im just a simple member