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^don't worry...u should be a member (which u technically already are) before you know it :)

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There are only two obsessives now: Rol and Leo-j

0-500 - newbie
500-1000 - regular
1000-2000 - member
2000-5000 - pro
5000-10000 - obsessive
10000+ - god

and all mods are gods by default.

Yeah, I remember that I was a "regular" after I got over 100 posts, and then when I checked recently I had been demoted back to a Newbie :( Oh well only another 200ish posts to go before I can be a "regular" again.

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@ TWRo0 - thanks for the info ... I am gunning for obsessive ... lol.

i feel your pain guy


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Shouldn't regular be above member?

This was done because of Soriku wasn't it?! *Sharpens hunting spear*

^grab you torchs and pitch forks boys


or meebe its cuz u suk so much~~~~~


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3)I don't know



^ you've got a cat pic for every situation don't you mesoteto ! :D

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