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According to a few websites Konami's legendary football franchise is coming to Wii U and will be releasing the same time as the other versions of the game.


This will be huge in the european markets particularly and will offer Nintendo fans a football game in the absence of Fifa 15.

I wonder if strong sales of this title might entice other 3rd parties and even EA to reconsider support of the console. With almost 7 million consoles sold

the Wii U is starting to have a big enough install base for companies to commit it would seem...

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People should put that in their list of sites like insiderp of places they shouldnt go to


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This will not be huge. It would likely flop on WiiU. Heck, it's a declining franchise that doesn't even sell that much on Playstation anymore.

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Attack of the fanboy doesn't sound too reliable for my taste

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    Konami comfirmed this is not coming.

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      For the people who are not liking the site he posted, here is the source they got the news from

      And here is where Nintendo everything got there news from

      Gotta follow the trail of where the info is coming from before you automatically hate on a site. But some guy on twitter(Nintendodomination) says he called Konami and they said no to him. If it were to be announced, it would be at gamescom and that doesn't appear to be happening since they have already made a few announcement about the game.


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      Other than that this rumor was already debunked attackofthefanboy is a legitimate gaming news site. They even source their articles.

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      Sorry everyone it looks like I was duped by dodgy info..
      My bad

      Why am I not shocked by the fact that the PES 2015 rumor was complete BS?

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