Forums - Nintendo Discussion - In your opinion what is the best Ds game(all time)

Lots of great ones, but I'd say it's between Advance Wars DS and Castlevania DoS.

Contra IV is pretty sweet too. Stiff challenge with lots of unlockables and extras.

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Final Fantasy IV advance.

For an actual DS game - Elite Beat Agents.

Portrait of Ruin.

Phoenix wright series

NSMB: The SP is great, and it has the most hilariously fun multiplayer I've EVER played!

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Nintendogs.Because it feels absolutely unique and the level of cuteness is unmatched till today. XD

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Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Member - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Regular - Pass 2k
Level 4 - Addicted - Pass 5k
Level 5 - Obsessed - Pass 10k
Level 6 - Old Guard - Pass 20k
Level 7 - Legend - Pass 50k
Level 8 - Demi-God - Pass 100k
Level 9 - God - Pass 250k
Level 10 - Zeus - Pass 500k

New Table:

Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Rookie - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Padawan - Pass 10k
Level 4 - Sea Dog - Pass 25k
Level 5 - Captain - Pass 50k
Level 6 - Agent - Pass 100k
Level 7 - Elite - Pass 175k
Level 8 - Hero - Pass 250k
Level 9 - Legend - Pass 500k
Level 10 - Titan - Pass 1 Million

Zelda phantom hourglass is the best

Jump Ultimate Stars, it's the SSB of the DS.

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