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Well for me the best DS game is Mario kart DS it  had amazing gameplay with good graphics plus it was the first time the mario kart series went online,for me is the best Mario kart in the whole series.

Runner up:New Super Mario Bros.

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Megaman ZX

Runner ups:

Final Fantasy III
Megaman ZX Advent.

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Elite Beat Agents.


ctk495, my decisions are the same as yours.
Including the runner-up.


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New Super Mario Bros.

Looks stunning, it's addictive and has an element of platforming nostalgia about it. Only downside is that it's a tad short, other than that it's brilliant.

Note, however, that I am yet to play Mario Kart.

 I don't have one, but the game that might make me buy one is FF4 remake, also FF3.

EDIT: Possibly DQ9 also. I guess I will be getting my hands on a DS then. 

BCrayfish said:
Elite Beat Agents.

what he said

2nd best is Pokemon Pearl

Wow awesome i knew somebody will agree with me.

Final Fantasy III
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the runner up.

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