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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Youkai Watch has been Trademarked as Yo-Kai Watch in the U.S., LOL but true.

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NintendoPie said:
I'm pretty positive this was trademarked a little while ago, but whatever.

What's funny about it being named Yo-Kai Watch, though? My Mac doesn't think it's spelled incorrectly anymore, good on it.

Because it'd be like calling it Gh-ost Watch instead of Ghost Watch.

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Yo-kai not believe it. :)

Spirit Watch would have worked.

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Vena said:

jigokutamago said:

 You would also think that they would translate the word Youkai, but it is hard to find a word that directly corresponds in English.

"Spirit" would have worked fine.

That would be passable, but the word Youkai has a broader mean. According to Wikipedia, Youkai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The definition can encompass not only spirits but many different monsters.

For instance a Nekomata is a cat that is transforms into a Youkai by living long enough. They become two tailed and are said to have the ability to shapeshift into humans depending on the story. This type of Youkai is not a spirit.

There's also the Tōfu-kozō which take the appearance of a boy carrying a plate of tofu.

There's also Amabie who is a legendary Japanese mermaid.

And then a whole bunch of different monsters.

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