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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Name your top 3 Paper Mario games and when will we see it on Wii U?

Also when do you think we will have Paper Mario on Wii U?

1.Super Paper Mario


3.Paper Mario

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1. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
2. Paper Mario
3. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
4........Yep, those are the only Paper Mario games.

I hope not, I loved Paper Mario but right now WiiU needs something else, also Sticker Star was quite a letdown.

2. Super Paper Mario
3. Paper Mario / Paper Mario Sticker Star

I think we might see a new Paper Mario 2016, well i hope so...

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1.Super Paper Mario
3.Paper Mario

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Theres only 4 of them. Better off asking what is your least favorite

Top 3? Aren't there only 4?

The Thousand-Year Door ist the best one.

I guess the N64 Paper Mario will be on Wii U via NC at some point.

Can't wait for an new one, it could finally look like real paper.

I've only played the N64 one.

I think we will see it in 2015.


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I haven't played any of the paper marios yet but one for Wii U is probably a couple of years away still

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1. Paper Mario
2. The Thousand Year Door
3. Super Paper Mario

I think we'll see a confirmation of a new Paper Mario game on the WiiU on 2015.