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do you think my subliminal messaging is working?

Yes 8 16.33%
No 5 10.20%
What? 10 20.41%
ktay95 you are a moron 26 53.06%

PSX was developmental. That being said, no one calls the Gamecube Dolphin or the Wii Revolution, so idk really.

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Who really cares?

The Playstation (1) is commonly known as the PSX, regardless of how technically accurate that may be. Relatively few people know about the PSX (DVR) so the potential for confusion is almost nil by calling the Playstation (1) so.

Particularly considering that those who are aware of the PSX (DVR) generally avoid calling the Playstation (1) so, out of fear of starting the "PSX argument" for the millionth time by overzealous pedants.

And just to close the thread, we are on the PS4, so any importance regarding PSX =/= PS1 is long forgone.

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