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Forums - Politics Discussion - Will Religion ever be illegal in America?

Constant battles with athiest over seperation of Church and State.


Recent wars seem to give Religion a bad name.


Mel Gibson has given it a bad name (See him in Expendables 3 as the bad guy!)


Even Religion itself seems to think that when the end comes, Religious people will be hunted.


Is it coming? Will it be outlawed in the next twenty years?

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That would be amazing, but no.


Most ppl religious or not think Mel Gibson is a nut job.


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The people who say that religion will be hunted out also say that the the world will end during that time.

absolutely not.

It will never happen.

Is this thread a troll?

Of course it wouldn't happen.

They don't need to be hunted. They just need to be taught the error of their ways.

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