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I don't care about Smash.

Give me fish.

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I spent many hours swimming around in the first one, don't think I'd be interested in a new one though.

Was there anything new in EO2?


Well Nintendo just built a couple developer studios so I wouldn't be surprise if there were one in the making.

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Not much has happened on the developers site since 2011!
Hopefully Nintendo can continue the IP. The gamepad would be excelent in that game.
There was a very early rumor so hopefully someone somewhere is thinking about it!

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I didn't play the first two would love one on WiiU, makes sense with the gamepad taking pictures with it.


They sold good enough for a sequal:
Endless Ocean Wii 2007 1,040,000
Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii 2009 840,000

Would be nice in a few years, but definitely not a game the Wii U needs anytime soon.

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I thought we were going to see it when an aquarium featured in one of those Treehouse broadcasts. :o(

A HD release of both games on e-shop would be nice. It looked OK on my old SD-TV but not on my new HD!