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They should re-upload the video or something; The lagging is terrible. The graphics doesn't look like the demo but it still looks great.

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biglittlesps said:
Blob said:
Its not realistic but you know what..... It actually looks amazing!!
Still wanting a darker Zelda at some point but im suprisingly not at all dissapointed by this art style.

Well, realistic visuals require huge horse power whcich Wii U lacks (you can see that from the game X in the new trailer about the details) so they are going art style in this game so they can get better loooking visuals like MK8.

Realistic/Zelda tech demo. Pretty sure they could've made it if they wanted too.

With the sci-fi elements maybe they thought it just wouldnt work in a more realistic style, which id have to agree with.

Kane1389 said:


This was by far the best looking Link model, why the hell did they go for cartooney style again?? I wonder what Nintendo has against realism

The old build probably wasn't viable/too resource intensive for an open world set up. Going for a more cartoony look let's them create nice visuals while also making it less demanding.

I need a Wii-U apperently.

That was a screen capture and not officially uploaded, not sure if they have an official upload outside of the stream

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BraveNewWorld said:
Kane1389 said:

This was by far the best looking Link model, why the hell did they go for cartooney style again?? I wonder what Nintendo has against realism

Cartoony visuals are easier to create and make look good.

That is kind of a lazy excuse. Nintendo are masters of their hardware, they should demonstrate WiiU's full potential and make good use of HD Zelda for the first time. Cartooney visuals cant achieve that on the same level like more realistic graphics can

RCTjunkie said:
dharh said:
If that action sequence is any indication of what will be going on in this Zelda game it will be the final betrayal of the series and a final nail in the coffin of 3D Zelda.

That's.... a bold statement. What makes you say that? WHat's the "final betrayal" of the series? What were the other betrayals? 

I know im near the only one who feels this way, but every 3D Zelda has had so much potential but ultimately been sub-par. Every single one, from OOT to SS has been a continual letdown. But it was mainly the Wii games that were really the culprits of this betrayal. They _could_ have been good open word LTTP like games but instead... they were what they were motion control messes that felt like the same clunky stuff we got from the N64 era OOT and MM.

I'm just tired of hoping for that one awesome Zelda game, only to have my hopes dashed when I finally get my hands on the thing. It feels like a betrayal.

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Pavolink said:
I fucking love it.
I'm in love.
Link is fucking amazing and that futuristic arrows, holy shit!

You being positive means this game is the Real Deal Holyfield!

what happened? I fainted when they showed zelda!

This is amazing!!!!!