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Could the Vita reach new heights with this line up?

Yes, its should give the ... 45 36.59%
Only a bit, Still not enough big franchises. 39 31.71%
No, there are only niche games here. 39 31.71%

Just wanted to Celebrate and remind people of the great year the Playstation Vita has ahead of it In Japan. Expect sales to rocket this summer and more titles to be announced for the fall/winter in the coming weeks!  

One Peice Unlimited Red (PSV, 3DS, PS3 and Wii U) June 12th

Firefly’s Diary (htoL#NiQ) (Exclusive!) June 19th

Freedom Wars (exclusive!) June 26th




Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (exclusive!) July 17th

Lost Dimensions (PSV+ PS3) August 7th

Monster Hunter Frontier G (PSV, PS3, Wii U, PC) Vita version TBA 2014

Persona 4: Dancing all Night (exclusive!) fall 2014: september-november 


Phantasy Star Nova (exclusive!) TBA 2014


Gravity Rush Next (exclusive!) TBA


Digimon: Cyber Sleuth (Exclusive!) 2015


Other notable mentions: Toukiden Extreme (PSvita+ PSP: fall),  Legend of Heores: Trails in the flash II (PS+ PS3: september 25th) , Bullet Girls (exclusive! august 28) , Hyperdimension Neptunia U (Exclusive! august 28th),



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I really want that Digimon game. :/


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Something tells me there will be more Tales games coming out for it in the future aswell (in japan).

Especially with the increased sales in Japan and if Tales of Hearts R does well in the west.

I'm still waiting for Innocence and God Eater 2 localisations. I wish SEGA would get off their rear end and brought PSO2 and PSNova over. Ot at least one of them. I dont get at wich point Phantasy star stopped beeing a profitable brand in the west.


The Vita really isnt as dead as everyone likes to think. With indies and japanese support its well worth it. It would never be able to compete with the console releases on AAA games anyways.

JRPG heaven.

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Because fuck those Gaijins.

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One Piece will sell more on Wii U than Vita and some games on list won't make anything, but still a better line-up than 3DS for sure

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How do you know that PSN will be released in November?

Woot! Lets go Vita! Get some!

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Dat Digimon game.