Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you could do one thing to turn the PS Vita around what would it be?

It could be anything but only one thing. For example, it could be a new game that would be popular with the west so people would buy the Vita for the game. A certain app or special feature, a price drop, a specific bundle.

What would you do?

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Price Drop + Make the memory card a standard Microsd

Bonus: Make System Seller games for it


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Minecraft bundle.

Kids still love handhelds and they love this game even more. Would make the Vita comparable alternative to the 3DS for many kids and families.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

bring the vita tv to the west and stop selling the normal vita in the west. make it a cheap alternativ for the ps4.

GTA and GT.

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advertising....I haven't seen a vita commecial since holidays 2012......

Set the console down and rotate it at a 180 degree angle.

Sony needs to be cheaper than nintendo. This has been sonys problem with both of their handhelds, they have let nintendo maintain a prive advantage. That is their biggest weakness.

Doesnt really matter at this point though, the vita will be their last handheld. The market has become too crowded...

arcane_chaos said:
advertising....I haven't seen a vita commecial since holidays 2012......

same here, last ad i saw was for black ops declassified...

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I'd fund a study that proves that the 3DS is a vector for the AIDS virus.