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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
I get all the hate for Microtransactions, I just don't share them.
There is literally no difference for me between a game that forces you to grind to get an item vs a game that forces you to grind to get an item or pay as an option.
I feel that the dislike of Microtransactions is just misplaced frustration at that aspect of poor game design.

Pretty much this.

If a studio purposely gimps a game to force you to buy microtransactions, then it's bad. If you can get all the content without having to grind for weeks to get something, then it's not a big deal.




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kitler53 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
I would share your sentiment except I am sure devs purposely make things much harder to obtain than they used to in order to encourage microtransaction purchases.

i think you're making an awefully big assumption there.

i've seen microtransactions done poorly and i've seen them done well.  instead of making blanket assumptions we should be judging the implementation game by game because DLC can be a great revenue generator when done well.   i for one have probably spent as much on LBP addons as i did buying LBP and LBP2.  i don't feel the amount of content on disc was at all gypped by the existence of DLC content.

You're right some DLC is very well done. I just like to assume the worst until a game proves otherwise.

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Oh, in that case I don't have to get this game at all.... ever

F F2P type microtransaction crap

Very simply because it always involves "grinding" and frustration by design built into the game to entice you to spend money rather than waste time, but the fact is that the stuff you unlock is still not worth the time to play, let alone grind to get it.

Yay pay-to-win, boots you to title screen when you lose connection AND has peer-to-peer host migration. This game is shaping up to be quite the blockbuster.

Game is off my to buy list now... I try not to support the industry with micro transactions.

Charge me a fair price, make a game with good design ideas, don't gimp it and don't try and design it in a way to make more money from frustration. This is from someone who supports the industry by buying lots of games a

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Bring back the Game Genie or Gameshark for the lazy fucks or people that want to run around in god mode for a little. I remember when you could put a cheat code or pass code in for free and unlock everything.  I wouldn't mind seeing the next game market crash with business practices like these.

I hate the way the games industry is going with DLC, and it is something which affects all console owners. Here at least there is one issue we can all unite against. What really pisses me off about this sort of thing is that they have the DLC already completed before the release of the game in many cases. I've even heard of games that already have the 'DLC' on the disc and the purchase is for an unlock.

If a game proves popular, I don't mind a company developing more maps to extend the lifetime of the game and charge for that extra content. What I do not like is games developed with DLC already in mind.