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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, or Dark Souls 2 ? Which is your fav?

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Which is you fav?

Demon's Souls 49 42.98%
Dark Souls 22 19.30%
Dark Souls 2 13 11.40%
I like them all equally 7 6.14%
I just want to see the results. 23 20.18%

i haven't played DSII but i prefered demon's souls to dark souls.

...i like the idea of the interconnected "open" work in dark souls but i don't feel like they organized things optimally. the game felt like two games back-to-back (before and after anor londo) and i didn't much care for that. i feel like demon's souls had a more "wow" inducing mob encounters and bosses than dark souls too but that could just be nostalgia colored glasses.

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They all masterpiece although Dark Souls 2 is not release on PC yet I think so I havent played it.

demon souls seems more difficult imo. To me that is a plus.

Only played Demons Souls and Dark Souls.
Dark Souls was epic, but I absolutely loved Demons Souls.

For me, Demons Souls it is!

I've played enough of DS2 for me to judge,
Yeah, Dark Souls 1 is still my fav.
A lot of Demon's Souls fans here I see.

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It's hard for anything to feel as good as Demons, because it was the first, Both Dark souls were just interations on that, so immediately feel a little stale like any sequel does. Some things have changes for the better some things for the worse, but elements that were added to Dark souls 1 were removed again in Dark Souls 2, i think they will carry on trying new things and evolving old stuff, weather the next is Dark, Demons or some 3rd type of souls game.

But all 3 so far have been amazing games, and i cant wait for whatever souls experience, From makes next.

Dark Souls > Dark Souls II > Demon's Souls

I love how the world is connected in the first Dark Souls, the lore was strong and well presented throughout the world and atmosphere. the main bosses were introduced properly and were given great back stories, unlike the other two games. So many great bosses, Ornstein and Smough boss fight is the best and most epic I've ever experienced in a video game.

It is worth mentioning that Dark Souls II gameplay in general and especially online PvP is better and much more balanced. Stats, scaling, element infusion / upgrading and so on.

Demon's has a special place in my heart, but I think Dark Souls 1 is better overall. I haven't played much of 2 to judge it yet, but I don't expect it to surpass 1 honestly.

Dark Souls was probably my favorite overall, the bosses were memorable and the inter-connected world was a joy to traverse through. It really felt like I was on this grand adventure going through a dying world. Demon's Souls is my second favorite, I think it had the best atmosphere in the series. Dark Souls II, while I love it, doesn't feel as innovative as the last two games. It's kind of treading it's wheels at this point. I also hate how levels are so random now, nothing feels connected anymore. It just kind of feels video-gamey and not quite as immersive.

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