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kirby007 said:
leo-j said:

God of war vs any Xbox exclusive..... Uncharted vs any Xbox exclusive.... Lbp vs any Xbox exclusive... All those franchises are iconic.. And better than any Xbox franchise.. Halo being the only one that started off as good but fell apart in quality after 2

fable vs all 3

fable still wins

I'd agree with you there. Well, Fable 1 and 2 anyway, Fable 3 wasn't quite as good. 

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Microsoft tends to take fewer risks when it comes to publishing games. While sony is willing to try something that bends the formula, microsoft tends to make what they know will sell.

Because Sony focuses on exclusive games and word of mouth as it's primary mode of console advertising and MS just pays for advertising and exclusive "features". Word of mouth has pilloried MS this gen so maybe MS should change tactics.

MS rather sell you on something then have the quality speak for itself. That being said, Sony has also made a number of bad exclusives, but given that Sony is willing to produce so many they invariably create new IP gems like Uncharted and Last of Us, and a lot of great other games too like Infamous.

MS doesn't think games sell consoles as much as simply advertising/non-gaming content sells consoles. Remember MS spent $400,000,000 on exclusive NFL content for xone. That is not an extra zero. It's exclusive budget was 1 billion, first thing MS does is spend 40% of it on sports programming - a sport that few outside of the US even care about. That would have been A LOT of AAA new IPs.

Last gen didn't they spend like $150,000,000 advertising Kinect. MS is more willing to gamble on it's PR being effective than on making a great game.


Even already with PS4 and Xone, PS4 has a more diverse range of quality games.  MS has Titanfall but people are just as happy playing the equally rated BF4 for their shooter needs, or COD.   Ryse and DR3 and as crappy as Shadowfall and Knack, Forza is no better than the new Need For Speed as it's lacking content, muliplats are a wash but look better on PS4 BUT PS4 also has great games like Outlast and other quality indie titles, and now Infamous SS.  So the console with the larger variety of games from various genres already is PS4.  


shikamaru317 said:
leo-j said:
EB1994 said:
Can't we all just be friends and agree that each company has amazing exclusives? Why always fighting =(


You mean just like how Sony made taking out Sega their objective when they came into the gaming market?

^ This.

And that's why those people out there who own NOTHING BUT SONY CONSOLES/HANDHELDS are a bunch of hypocrites.

^ you might wanna rephrase that

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kirby007 said:
^ you might wanna rephrase that

no thanks.......... i have not singled anyone out individually.

true_fan said:

Man is that all ps4 fans do is talk, you say MSFT doesn't take chances yet they had better launch titles and will have the better 2014 lineup.


Also while sony is laying off internal studios, losing key developers, and cancelling new ips, XB1 has more games under development than ever before.

Sony has not closed any internal studio, but they have layed off some ~50 devs at SSM because of the new IP being cancelled (a new IP that was in development for ~4 years and we still didnt even know its name, so Sony tried for a long time to make it work apparently). And Xbone also had a New IP cancelled if you didnt know (Blacktusk's). The games industry always has people moving between studios. I also would expect that XB1 would have more games under development than ever before given that its just 5 months old.

Lastly, if ps4 fans are so happy, why are there petitions to bring Titanfall1, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break to ps4.

There are literally petitions to bring every game ever to every platform ever. Literally.

Talk all you want but XB1 is bringing the games, sony is so desperate they are releasing 2 of their biggest titles in the first year while Halo5 and Fable is 2015 and GOW and Crackdown is 2016.

Halo, last MS acknowledged it, is still a 2014 release (and that is the BIGGEST you get in terms of IP for MS), Gears is being released a long time from now, but not because MS planned it, i bet they would have liked to launch this/next year. Forza, which, according to Xbox fans is a BIG franchise, launched WITH the console. Crackdown is not confirmed. And Fable has long lost its way unfortunately :(

ps4 fans don;t even support their games, hence why the XBOX exclusives outsell ps4 exclusives by a wide margin.

A funny myth, supported by the fact tha MS plays safe for the majority of the generation with Halo/Forza/Fable/Gears combo. Meaning they rely on franchises that sell big. Sony on the other hand experiments a lot more, some experiments are worth it, others are not. The Last of Us sold over 6 million btw, and that was a new Ip, at the very end of the gen, with a relatively risk concept. PS games sell very well, LBP, GOW, GT, Uncharted, TLOU, Infamous (kind of), Killzone (2 million on the ps4), etc.

2014 releases
PvZ, Titanfall, Project Spar, Kinect Sports Rivals, D4, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Halo 2>>>>>>>>>>deep down, driveclub, mlb, infamous, the order, uncharted.

That surely is your opinion and i respect it.


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PenguinZ said:
Quantity... Sure.

Quality... Purely subjective.


As a PS3 owner, most PS3 exclusives strike me as mediocre or, at best, decent.

Granted, X360 had fewer of them, and theirs were rarely much better, but the point is it's entirely a matter of opinion. There's no definitive "higher quality" on PS systems.


Obviously because I like their games. If I didn't like them no one would. I thought everyone knew that.