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The movie Battle of Gods is airing on TV in Japan on the 22nd of March and it's going to run for a whole 20 minutes longer than the theatrical release so if you've seen the movie you may want to keep an eye out for the extended edition coming out.

That's a huge amount extra really.

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I hate threads with no post! Bump.

More like keep an eye on fansubs... 20 extra mins is a nice chunk of content in any movie, though~

I never got into DBZ, but I am looking forward to doing so eventually.

Nice! would still like toriyama to do a new series though even if it’s only a few episodes.

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that 20 minutes better be just as good as that  the most awesome filler episode in DBZ:


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Porcupine_I said:

lol DBZ for Life :)

lol That's actually very true. I dunno what it is but DBZ doesn't seem the kind of show you grow out of like most others, it sticks with you.

Just encase anyone also didn't know Dragon Ball Kai is coming back aswell to finish the Buu arc. Starts April.