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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Super Metroid Turns 20 Today!

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Such a great game. Almost as great as Metroid Prime. Nintendo, are you listening to me? Make a new 2D Metroid dammit!

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While I prefer the Primes and Fusion over it, it's still one of my all time favs


I played it for the first time when a friend borrowed me his snes many years ago and it was on a cartridge of some alien game, I was instantly hooked. The stupid bastard of my friend didn't give me the chance to finish it so I knew I had to buy a snes someday with this game. It's one of the best games ever made

Happy birthday to the best game ever created!

Seems like just yesterday that I played it for the first time, in 1994. 




Maybe... that's because I replay this game once every year.

Happy birthday!!


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Happy birthday to my childhood!

Yeah, congrats. Great achievement.

I think I played it for the first time in 1996. Borrowed it, beat it, asked the guy to sell it to me, paid 300 Schilling (less than €25).

20 years old and we are still waiting for the sequel this game truly deserves. Fusion a.k.a Metroid 4 was good, but proper home console treatment is in order. Due to the Wii U's suckiness, a new 2D entry would actually make more sense than a new Prime.

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I'll replay this weekend alongside Other M.

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I didn't make the link with its birthday when I removed the dust of my old snes and metroid cartridge and played that game again last weekend. I still have my personal best 100% completed run saved on it: 1 hour 40 mins. After all these years, I still have to play the game once in a while and I'm always satisfied when I do so, doesn't seem like a waste of time at all... Its my personal favorite, I love also the first metroid, its hard and unforgiving for poor players, no saves, no easy missile or energy  regeneration stations, no scanning device to help you find secret passages, just skills and a good memory can help you to kill mother brain... (yes you have the codes, but you begin with no missile and 30 health points, it will take you almost the same time trying get back all these lost missiles and health points than replaying the game from the beginning and for those who have the original game, good luck killing mother brain on first try even with 200 missiles and full health...)

A masterpiece of a game.