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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many weeks can PS4 remain as the #1 best selling console.

Last week because it was released in Japan it outsold the 3DS. The week prior 3DS was number 1.

How many weeks can PS4 stay as the best selling console both home and portable. Will 3DS surpass it again as PS4 numbers drop or will Xbox One do it when Titanfall comes out?

I think it can stay as #1 for at least 5 weeks.

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Hard to say. A lot of it will depend on Japan, to be honest. PS4's second week was subpar, to say the least. If it was an issue of supply, then we should expect a hold there for the next few weeks, otherwise, drop to WiiU territory. PS4 is outselling the 3DS in EU and US, even with supply issues, so Japan is where the PS4 needs to step up and start selling well.

Possibly most weeks until holidays. 3DS has peaked, PS4 will climb through 2015 and on, one is heading down and the other up, it's only perfectly logical that will meet on the middle and one (PS4) will take the upper hand.

Hard to see it not being top for quite a while, now its in all regions. I guess maybe Halo5 week if MS can price cut and get a lot closer to PS4 weekly sales than they currently are. Maybe 3DS at xmas if Nintendo have some more big hitters coming for the end of the year.

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I would say until the week of Mario Kart 8. The PS4 will probably shoot back up to number 1, two weeks after that.

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I dunno......for the next 7 years?

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It has been ahead of 3DS for the whole year.

I expect it to stay that way for the rest of the year, with one or two weeks being exceptions. Smash week could push the 3DS ahead.

Doubt the XBONE or Wii U will beat it anytime soon.

The PS4 will continue being number 1 until people  get sick of waiting for The Last Guardian.

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