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Forums - Sales Discussion - Xbox One Racing Game Forza 5 Sells 1 million Copies

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One-third of Xbox One owners have purchased a copy of launch title Forza Motorsport 5, Microsoft announced today on the Xbox Wire. With over 3 million Xbox Ones sold by the end of 2013, that means Turn 10's racing game has shifted more than 1 million copies to date.

Forza 5 becomes the second Microsoft-published Xbox One title to reach the 1 million mark, following Dead Rising 3, though that game has shipped, not sold, 1 million copies. One million sales for Forza 5 means the game is now the "best-selling racing game by console attach over the past decade," based on worldwide sales data as of February 2014.

This is one of the first instances we can recall of sales being measured by attach rate. In short, Microsoft claims that the percentage of people who own Forza 5 is higher than for any other racing game based on the number of consoles sold. The data point is somewhat odd because the Xbox One install base will continue to grow, which means the attach rate will conceivably fall.

Others stats in the link.


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Is this sell through, or no?

the-pi-guy said:

As opposed to Xbox One fighting game Forza 5?  

Gamespot makes silly titles.  

Very nice sales though.  

Ah damn I thought it was a RPG.

Did DR3 hit 1 milion yet?

Leadified said:

Did DR3 hit 1 milion yet?

They shipped 1 million.

VGC shows 840k.


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Congrats! A beautiful game but those microtransactions in the next gen need to be fixed.

1mil shipped? It'll be a million seller by summer imo. Good news. i think vgc has it around 820k

Both shipped imo, but great nonetheless.

good news for turn 10. others genres need to pick up sales to reduces fps/cod clones in the console market.

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