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Great reviews are coming in.  With the in depth story of Cranky Kong do we have a game of the year candidate here??

Around the Network (aka gamespot) gave it a 6 so I don't think it will be as long as that site still has anything to say about it... Also Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, TitanFall, X and what ever else is probably gonna outshine it but maybe the plat-former of the year


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At 82 metacritic? Not a chance.

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Not by a long shot man. It's just not a game that would get game of the year, from the reviews that is.


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Game probably needed a 90+ on the Metacritic to even come close

it could be for a lot of people. And thats what ultimately matter... I don't think the main pick for game of the year each year, was my pick.

But it definetly won't be with most critics.

Highly doubt it'll even be considered.

Still, the game looks amazing and I'm fonder into Donkey Kong games than Marios. But I don't think at all it'll get a single nomination for Game of the Year, maybe platformer of the year but so far the reviews are not looking as great as everyone thought.

Has to be better than...nevermind.

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