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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Order 1886 : New screenshots and first preview

-No health regeneration... they got me.

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Less than 16 hours to wait and every journalist will give you a full preview in your language with screenshots + gameplay + new interview + new trailer !!

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leo-j said:
So that's why they are going for 900p, they are aiming for photorealistic visuals

It's not really 900p, though. It's 1920*800 = 1.5m pixels . The usual 900p is 1600*900 = 1.4m pixels

Yea it was just a generic question on twitter though, someone asked what the gameplay looks like and he said its as good as the reveal trailer. i am so fucking stoked.. looks like ill be getting up at 6am tomorrow lol

albert.p sais the new stuff looks better than the reveal e3 trailer. said that a few months ago

I just saw the trailer it is something I am looking forward I am going to miss this game on Xbox one but I willl wait for reviews before playing it on my friend's console.