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what is dis?

the best thing to have ev... 110 54.73%
up down left right start a b 37 18.41%
this is interesting....... 18 8.96%
ITS DA END OF THE WORLD!!!! 19 9.45%

Where all those shinies come from? I have never caught a single one, excluding that legendary red Gyarados.

Haven't watched the stream for many days. I wonder what's the viewer rate right now?

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Ever since getting to Mt. Silver the viewer ship has risen steadily, we're at 17k atm.

They have only encountered 3 shinies.

Lake Rage Gyarados (which is 100%)

Mysterious Egg->Smoochum (12%)

This was the first legit shiny they ran into in the Wild.

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So they are playing Emerald now. Anyone still watching?

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I'm still following it, sometimes I watch, sometimes I just read what has happened.