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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Retro Studios game BESIDES Metroid Prime 1

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The best is...

Metroid Prime 2 36 39.56%
Metroid Prime 3 26 28.57%
Donkey Kong Country Returns 29 31.87%

Which is your pick, and why?

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I chose Metroid prime 2. It was almost as good as the original, it was just too difficult. I also felt Donkey Kong returns was too difficult, every time I finished a level I had to stop playing because it took so long and was so exhausting. Metroid prime 3 lacked the exquisite level design of the first two, had one main weapon to upgrade, rather than a selection and was badly balanced in difficulty. The Phazon mode( I think it was called that) made you too powerful but without it you weren't powerful enough to defeat some enemies.

Didn't they also make Mario Kart 7?

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Prime 2. As worthy of a sequel as I have ever seen save SMB3.

Prime 2 is the best game ive ever played
so there youve got it

I liked Prime 3 better than Prime 2.... Ammo for dark and light beam was weird and I always disliked using ammo weapons including bombs and arrows in Zelda. The color scheme in the beginning of the game was also very bland coloring compared to Prime 1 and Prime 3. I never finished the game, though and won't have the ability to anytime soon since my Wii can't play Wii games (plays GC games though...) and I only own MP: Trilogy and not Echoes. I think I stopped after beating the boost ball boss which was actually easier in Trilogy than the original but I wouldn't know >_>

But I probably also disliked it because IR pointing for Echoes was really bad compared to Prime 1 and Corruption for some reason. Maybe it's because I used a new TV for it.

Edit: Since I only played the Metroid Prime trilogy from Retro and never finished Echoes, I would have to choose Corruption!

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Corruption, then Echoes, and lastly DKCR.

For what it's worth, all of them are great titles though.

I vote Metroid Prime 3 because controlling with a Wii pointer for aiming was just better than the Gamecube games before it. This is why Metroid Prime Trilogy is their best game (all three Metroid Prime games with Wii pointer controls).

Donkey Kong Country Returns.

And this includes Metroid Prime 1 as well.

Metroid Prime 2 is my all time favorite game from them.

Metroid Prime 3 is my favorite of the series, and my 2nd most favorite game of all time right behind Fusion.