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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Add-On will be released for Wii U this year?

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a massage bot... kinky one.

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wii inside u

A little pill sized camera with wifi that you swallow and then you can play augmented reality games showing your stomach contents and rear passage as a backdrop. AI algorithms analyse the images to give you a health check score.

Stool chase mode allows you to trace the sewer route of your stool using your 3DS from above ground with live images of the journey broadcast to the 3DS as it journeys through your local sewer system.

Includes wii inside u recovery pack (2 long sticks and a clothes peg)

Other 3DS consoles can get spotpass hits from travelling wii inside u equipped stools in sewers close to them. User mii will appear on 3DS screen plus a message. Example ''KFC bucket plus cola 5/3/2014'' or an audio message or sound, maybe a soundbite of something Mr Hanky would say.

Alternatively a reduced sized gamepad that allows 2 players to use a gamepad on the same console plus also ships with the later wii u console.

Dream_While_Awake said:
This turned into a joke thread pretty quick this time.

Ha Ha

when i read the op and saw words like vitality sensor, the feel, haptic feedback, and vivtouch.... my thought went to the same place as anfebious.  lol I was seriously gonna say i want VR Glasses but everyone here treats that like a joke.

Wii U Zapper actually looks pretty cool.