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Megaman X, Half Life, Streets of Rage, Chrono Series, Legend of Legaia & Tomba.

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To not pick an obvious game or series..... Godzilla!


Streets of Rage 4 please!!!!!
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1. Suikoden: i just want the story to continue, and if it were to ever come back it should be with classic gameplay, i would actually not mind it if they went retro with it and made it with sprites like S1 and S2, that would probably be much cheaper as well, but it will not happen since Konamis suikoden team doesn't exist anymore.

2. Donkey Kong 64:
this is not so much a series but i want another game 3D Donkey Kong Collectathon, i simply love this genre and i hate that it doesn't really do anything for anyone else.

3. Vandal Hearts.
i know there was a PSN/XBLA game for this series this last gen but it did not really feel "vandal hearts"
i want a game that returns to the gameplay of the original i simply love that game and i still to this day feel that it is the best Strategy RPG ever released.

4.Breath of Fire.
I know about the IOS/Browser POS in development right now is Called Breath of Fire 6, but to me it is not.
i want a classic breath of fire game in preferably in the style of 2 or 3 because i like those the most of the series, i just find it sad to think about what capcom are doing to this series now :(

ganoncrotch said:
Ronster316 said:
S H E N M U E...!!!!!!!

Would you like to play a game of lucky hit.... IN HD!!!!

Oh no yu didnt. Shenmue was amazing.

Quantic Dream can make games with no gameplay, so why not have another Shenmue?


2. Jet Force Gemini

3. Blast Corps

4. Battletoads

All these games I absolutely loved.