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Which is more complex?

League of Legends 7 26.92%
Warcraft III 19 73.08%

So, first off I love my bro. But we were having a debate over League of Legends versus Warcraft III, what's the more interesting game.

I was telling him that LoL is basically the 60% of the complexity of Warcraft III just due to the hero, where on War III at one time I got my 12+ man army decimated by a pro who only had his hero and 4 specialty units. My brother asked me, what is more strategic a game between basketball and football. I was not able to provide an answer. In exchange, I asked him what is more strategic, Smash bros or Warcraft III. We came to the conclusion that it's very different, because smash becomes much more strategic the higher you go in level.

Ultimately, do you think that War III is more strategic intrinsically, and that level to level, it is more complex than LoL, or do you think that strategy is purely a factor of level, so the higher the level, the higher the strat no matter the game?

I don't know where I stand but I'd like to hear you thoughts.

Merry Christmas :)

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Hard to compare really. WC3 definitely has a higher skill cap because there is so much macro involved, as well as microing a lot of units at once. You need an insane amount of awareness to play at a hgh level, not to mention some ridiculous muscle memory and twitch skills to micro an entire army.

LoL seems more basic, but timing is crucial, as is decision making. If you use an ability at a wrong time your entire team can get wiped out because of it. There's also the complexity of the last hit battle during laning, and the fact that you need to coordinate with 4 other people.

Both require a lot of skill to play at an elite level, but WC3 probably takes a bit more.

I find both to be interesting, I think it just comes down to whether or not you prefer playing alone or on a team.

In Warcraft 3 you can play the first DoTA, so Warcraft 3

WC3, since it includes Dota, as the user above said . And LoL is pretty much Dota made a bit easier to learn

Now, if only W4 would come out. That'd be great

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tagged for later, But a quick answer to this Is LoL and one only needs to look at the pro scene to realize this as the strategy that goes into the game is ridiculous.

Warcraft III is way more complex.

One game has far more mechanics and game complexity than the other.

Both games can be just as difficult since your opponent is a human.

Arma II vs. CoD

.my kids say their different. They only play lol.

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spurgeonryan said:
.my kids say their different. They only play lol.

If they only play LoL wouldnt that mean they never played WC3 and therefore unable to say that they're different?