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Are there PC versions? I thought it was on GBA too for Japan...

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gamingdevil said:
Are there PC versions? I thought it was on GBA too for Japan...

PC, GBA, and DS in Japan. Just DS in America.

Edit: And Gyakuten Saiban is just the Japanese name.  This is how the are counting them:

Ace Attorney GBA
Ace Attorney DS
Ace Attorney PC

Ace Attorney 2 GBA
Ace Attorney 2 DS
Ace Attorney 2 PC

Ace Attorney 3 GBA
Ace Attorney 3 DS
Ace Attorney 3 PC

Ace Attorney 4 DS

Ace Attorney Mobile

Duck Tales!!! now that was a great game.

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Hmm.. the numbers on this site's data mostly matches up with Capcom's numbers. With notable exception anyway. Resident Evil on VGC is at 5.05M, but Capcom has it at 2.75M. RE4 on the GC is pretty close, but on the PS2 the numbers are 2.55M and 2M etc.

This is probably the most authorative source on the internet for Capcom's sales numbers, and I hope ioi notices it.

Resident Evil 4 Wii is only at 1.15 Million? VGC has it at nearly 1.5 Million. Locks overtracked :o)

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Just_Ben said:
Resident Evil 4 Wii is only at 1.15 Million? VGC has it at nearly 1.5 Million. Locks overtracked :o)

hmm nah i don't think this includes all regions.

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..they also have re4 for ps2 at 2million, instead of vgchartz 2.55 million


edit: ok if its not all regions then i understand :D

I loved the Super Mega Milkathon Alpha -list.

Number 3.
Resident Evil - 50 titles!

Number 2.
Street Figher -59 titles!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the supreme winner! Number one. (With the voice of Kazuo Hirai) :
Mega Man - One hundrrrrred and twenty titles! Remember that one?

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Why do people think this wouldn't be worldwide sales? I can't find any proof of this when looking at the Capcom site.

I think they might included arcade title too. Megaman, 120 titles. wow, I wonder how many Mario games there are, over 1000 probably, the most milked man in video game.

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