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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 UK launch: Sony ready to smash day one sales record, says Gara

I told you guys!!!! bet for 300k 1st week!!

" We've heard the company has flooded the UK with 300,000 PS4 machines - many of which are reserved for those who have pre-ordered. Sony has estimated it will shift five million units by the end of its 2014 financial year."

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Got mine last night before I headed off to work but PSN wasn't working as it should. Maybe too much traffic.

ethomaz said:
SxyxS said:
i guess 250k as they don't have more for UK.
I guess UK will be preferred with ps4 shipments as they want to close the gap to xbox.

Close the gap? There won't be close the game... PS4 will start ahead... far ahead.

well-there was and is a gap in market shares between MS and Sony and Sony will ship more in UK than anywhere else in Europe because it is the only EU Territory where they lost last gen -that's what i meant.

And even in next terms gen there was a gap as the ps4 wasn't teleased  when i posted !(but i know what you mean)