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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Ryse scoring well with the consumer

We'll see about that... *heads over to amazon*

No, but seriously though. That's great. The more good games the better. If the reviewers are "wrong" about this one it isn't exactly a bad thing (although I'm sure there's someone who can "clearly" point at something here).

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soulfly666 said:
I havn't played it, but Forza is totally mediocre.

well thats entirely relevant.  thanks.


I'm not really here!

Max King of the Wild said:
We all knnow how graphics are more important than gameplay.... when it suits someones agenda

Plenty of examples in the last gen...

or perhaps, you know, people just enjoy it for what it is.

I'm not really here!

Pretty much everyone I've talked to has enjoyed Ryse. Most of them commend the game's fluid and slick combat system, saying it's one of the most fluid in some time. So, that might have something to do with it as well.

areason said:

Oh a rare ryze selnor thread

This is one of those circumstances where if you don't have anything to say, don't say anything. I don't want to moderate this post, so i'll just leave it said that it's still not the kind of thing we want to encourage

(fun fact, it was not a Microsoft fan who reported this, so it's not a fandom thing)

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An interessting phenomenon.
The same happenend to knack.

Both games were rated around 60% but both games are better rated by gamers at us and german amazon.
4.0 average while the highly rated Forza is about 3.5.

Finished it yesterday. Great Great game, that has even more potential.

Add some tactical tasks, maybe even add sea battles or a stealth mission, change the setting more frequently (maybe egypt?) and it is close to perfect.

Anyway, it was so much fun and it took me 8-10 hours for the singleplayer campaign. Highly recommend it.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

I really want to try this game out but I'm not paying $60 for it.

Hawat said:
People mostly care about graphics now, this is sad that this make crytek right with their "games are 60% graphic philosophy".

Wut? No, no, just... a hundred times no. Gameplay >>>>>>>> everything. I don't care how good your game looks or how great the story is, if the gameplay is bad then it's not worth playing. Nothing — and I mean absolutely nothing — can salvage a game with sub-standard gameplay. That's why I couldn't bother finishing Mass Effect. It was a mediocre third-person shooter with clunky controls and unreliable weapons. It looked nice, what little of the story I got was interesting, but I couldn't bring myself to slog through the tedious combat. Meanwhile, I can play a game with no story and middling graphics so long as it's a blast to play. I play games first and foremost to have fun, not to be awed by pretty graphics or riveted by a story. While those other things are important and can help enhance an experience, the primary focus in game development should be to have a mechanically sound game that's fun to play and would be fun to play regardless of other factors. Even though it looks like ass by today's standards and has a horrible frame rate, not to mention the story is cheesy sci-fi pulp with voice acting that was bad even by late 90s standards, I can go back and play Perfect Dark all the time. I can't play a COD game for more than a couple of weeks before I get sick of it (good thing I only ever borrowed any of them).

J_Allard said:
Nice. Enough good word of mouth and sales, and we're assured a sequel.

I want them to keep this franchise going but I also want Crytek to work with a company that specializes in hack n slash and good storytelling. Crytek delivers in the graphics department. This could be a good franchise for MS but it needs some tweaks in anything else besides the graphics. Ryse 2 if it happens should run 1080p/30fps no problem with all the bells and whistles. What I want is a mega franchise like GoW on the Xbox and Ryse could be it if they seek some outside help regardling gameplay.