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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Ryse scoring well with the consumer

Heres some interesting tidbits that seem to convey the comsumer disagrees with the Pro reviewers ( or paid reviewers ).

On the game has 119 reviews and sits at 4/5 with 63 5's.


On Xbox Live it has 4.5.5 from 3620 reviews

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All this information is present in your review thread 

Not really surprised, it's the best looking game of this gen after all

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As I said in the other thread, I have yet to meet a person who purchased it and did not enjoy it.

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I havn't played it, but Forza is totally mediocre.

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i love the fact that we do more damage control than the actual companies :P

Well... opinions. Who cares what reviewers think? They can't tell us what's a good and bad game. Some will like Ryse, some won't, simple as that. I don't understand why people don't get this.




Who are you trying to convince at this point, us or yourself?

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Good for them. I liked quite a few of games that scored badly.

People mostly care about graphics now, this is sad that this make crytek right with their "games are 60% graphic philosophy".