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Forums - PC Discussion - AoE 2 HD gets a expansion. For Real.

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Remember when we got AoE 2 HD edition earlier this year? Well, was fun and all, but seems that was about it -NOT!

They just announced a Expansion: Age of Empires 2: The forgotten.

5 new civ(+ technologies)

4 new campaings

Twich stream and spectator mode.

Avaible NOW!


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I... I think this is a good thing. I do love me some AoE!!!

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y u no make AoE 4.


This came out of nowhere. You get a campaign as Dracula. What the fuck.


It looks like they made the Forgotten Empires unofficial patch official, which is pretty awesome.

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Yeah, I was tempted until I saw the price... I mean, I love AoE enough to pay another $20 for literally the same game, but another $10 for the expansion? I'll wait for the sale.

DamnTastic said:
y u no make AoE 4.

Because Ensemble no longer exists and that bastard game called Age of Empires Online has failed miserably.

All in all, let's pray that we'll never get AoE 4. Given what they want to do with Zoo Tycoon, they would make it for the XboxOne and rely on Kinect.

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Good news. I grew up with this series, microsoft gets goodwill from me whenever they support Age of Empires. Heck, I'll buy an xbox one to show my gratitude if they announce Age of Empires 4 for PC.

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WAT?! That's awesome, I still haven't bought the HD version, I have AoE Collection with Gold edition of the two first ones. Perfect christmas present for myself!