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Playstation suporter here! =)

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2009.04.30 - PS3 will OUTSELL x360 atleast by the middle of 2010. Japan+Europe > NA.

Gran Turismo 3 - 1,06 mln. in 3 weeks with around 4 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Gran Turismo 4 - 1,16 mln. with 18 mln. PS2 on the launch.

Final Fantasy X - around 2 mln. with 5 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Final Fantasy X-2 - 2.4 mln. with 12 mln. PS2 on the launch.


1.8 mln. PS3 today(2008.01.17) in Japan. Now(2009.04.30) 3.16 mln. PS3 were sold in Japan.
PS3 will reach 4 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 25k.

PS3 may reach 5 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 50k.
PS2 2001 vs PS3 2008 sales numbers =) + New games released in Japan by 2009 that passed 100k so far

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^ Oh,really? ;)

Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Member - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Regular - Pass 2k
Level 4 - Addicted - Pass 5k
Level 5 - Obsessed - Pass 10k
Level 6 - Old Guard - Pass 20k
Level 7 - Legend - Pass 50k
Level 8 - Demi-God - Pass 100k
Level 9 - God - Pass 250k
Level 10 - Zeus - Pass 500k

New Table:

Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Rookie - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Padawan - Pass 10k
Level 4 - Sea Dog - Pass 25k
Level 5 - Captain - Pass 50k
Level 6 - Agent - Pass 100k
Level 7 - Elite - Pass 175k
Level 8 - Hero - Pass 250k
Level 9 - Legend - Pass 500k
Level 10 - Titan - Pass 1 Million

I am a Sony fan as well as PS fan
in my family: my mum has had 3 vaios, my next PC will be a vaio, 4 Sony cameras, 2 (and soon another) Sony ericsson phones, 1 BRAVIA (soon another)

Love the Playstation brand. had some great gaming years on PS1/PS2, one of my fav games of last gen was ICO and Zone of the Enders 2nd runner( i am a sucker for giant mechs) which still looks awsome by the way. Don't have ebough money to buy a ps3 yet, probably buy it a few weeks b4 mgs comes out.

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Currently own- DS, PSP, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 DreamCast.

Man i have too many consoles..... 

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Sonyfan here. I had the original Playstation then the Playstation 2 followed by the Playstation 3 and after that the PSP.

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Post! I have liked sony since the ps1.

Sony fan since ps2

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I'm a Sony fan, just not a PS3 fan.
I have PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, a Sony Ericsson K810, a Sony DVD Player and a Sony Bravia.

So yeah... i like Sony's products.

allright..... pointless thread though.

Nintendo & Sony supporter:

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Now the real question is, how many of you all are going to buy that robotic dog >: )

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.