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EA was the shit when they were called Electronic Arts. So many good games!!
To name a few of my favs.

One on One with Larry Bird and Dr. J
The Seven Cities of Gold
The Bard's Tale
Skate or Die!

EMULATION is the past.....NOW.......B_E_L_I_E_V_E



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I dislike EA because they will buy a dev house to get the games... no true ingenuity any more.

Take Ultima Online 2. THEY CANNED IT! The game that was set to change it all was canned... for what? To make sure it cannibalize the subscriptions of the original UO.

Now all origin games can claim is that they made worlds.... :'(

I want my WHOLE paycheck! I support the Fair Tax!

EA burned my village to the ground and killed everyone I know, now they took all my possesions and money and refuse to let me go unless I do their bidding. seriously - Read it, it's really good.

Because their games suck.

Why else?

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EA run around and buy out small but brilliant game houses, take their best programmers and set them to childish tasks and then toss out the rest.
They also show no innovation or pride in their work, resorting only to milking franchises completely dry.

Origin Systems
Westwood Studios


to a lesser extent:


I loved Origin.

Many of us fear what will happen to Bioware Pandemic. EA has a bad track record of aquiring sucessfull studios and gutting/shutting them down after a game does not preform as expected. They also tend to excessivly rush development cycles resulting in buggy and incomplete games.

Thats why I loath EA. Micromanagement of aquired studios that results in their dissolution.

If they would just stick to publising I would have no problem with them. Unfortunatly I dont belive they are capable of  bankrolling aquired publishers and letting them work their magic. History tends to repeat itself.